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Leaping to Our New Office

Published on August 3, 2016

It’s been quite a month at Leap Gaming. While we continue to work hard to develop new 3D virtual reality games that are ultra-realistic, responsive, and immersive. We also moved our offices!

Our new space in the heart of Tel Aviv is the perfect inspiration for our games. It’s an open space concept giving us an even more collaborative work environment.

New office panorama

During the move we were reminded of these four tips that made our move easy & fun: 

1. Label all of your boxes with what’s inside and which room the box needs to go to when you’re packing – make sure you make your computers accessible.

2. Share the moving schedule with your staff using a shared Calendar. Planning your move and keeping your staff in the loop means less work will be interrupted.

3. Change your address at least 2 weeks before you move. You don’t want to miss any deliveries.

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The Challenges & Upsides of Offering 3D Gaming Content

Published on July 25, 2016

Leap Gaming’s CEO, Yariv Lissauner and Head of 3D Development, Dani Rosen contributed a Guest Column for Gambling Insider Friday, July 22, 2016. Thanks, GI Friday! Read the column below or here:

Gambling Insider - Friday-page-004


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Multi-platform gaming is the future!

Published on July 14, 2016


In our increasingly connected world it’s an obvious progression for ultra-realistic games to now be playable on any device. The development of multi-platform (or cross-platform) gaming is an exciting and new adventure for the virtual sports gambling and casinos field as it gives games providers and their users the chance to experience gaming like never before.  Saying this, there isn’t a “one design fits-all” solution so in order to cater to all platforms, one needs to invest heavily in customized design and to adapt your client to each screen size and every processing power in order to provide an immersive and smooth experience. Your client will not settle for anything less. 

Ask any gaming operator you come across and they will all tell you that integration is one of the most painful processes they need to undergo in order to achieve a certain style of content that they like. We’ve come across many examples of applications where integration was a show stopper. Whether  integration was perceived as too complicated or it had commenced and became so cumbersome that one (or both) parties lost momentum that it never came to fruition, you always have to think about deployment and how to seamlessly scale up your distribution and mark your footprint in a way that  will delight your customers and shorten the time to market for all parties involved. This is the strategic focus for Leap Gaming and it has had extensive implications on product development and go to market approach.

The future of gaming is here! It’s now possible to engage in virtual sports and casino games on the go. Leap Gaming’s unique technology ensures users can seamlessly and continuously transition their gaming experience from one platform to another. Leap Gaming is taking this time as an opportunity to develop virtual games with immersive visuals and responsive design that deliver state-of-the-art experiences for users.  

Leap’s multi-platform games blend real-life high resolution footage with motion captured data. It’s done so fast that visual content stays fresh thereby creating a consistently ultra-realistic gaming experience. What’s more exciting is that this unique experience is now possible on multiple platforms without reducing the quality or realism of the game play.  

As the lines between virtual and reality continue to blur, multi-platform games are bridging the gap between real sports gambling and virtual gaming. The latter now being easily accessible, immersive, and ultra-realistic. As users are introduced to increasingly more sophisticated games, gaming providers are tasked with becoming more innovative. Leap Gaming is committed to continuing to develop customize-able, responsive, cross-platform games that users will continue to consume now and well into the future. 

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A new reality – Leap Gaming featured in eGaming Review North America

Published on June 16, 2016

EGR NA - A New Reality - page 1.fw

EGR NA - A New Reality -page 2.fwEGR NA - A New Reality - page 3.fw

This article, written by Brad Allen for EGR North America, can be found here: http://www.egrnorthamerica.com/are-virtual-sports-the-new-reality/ Read more

Leap Gaming Announces 2016 Growth Plans and $3.5mm USD Financing

Published on June 6, 2016

06 June 2016

Leap Gaming announces 2016 growth plans and $3.5mm USD financing

Leap will use funds to accelerate development of Virtual Sports and Casino titles, ramp up sales and significantly increase engineering staff.

Leap Gaming, a developer of 3D and Virtual gaming technology with a focus on Virtual Sports and Casino games, announced it has completed its financing of  $3.5mm USD, from lead investor FastForward Innovations. Leap partners with online and land-based gaming companies to provide advanced gaming products for end-users, globally.

Leap recently announced pivotal partnerships with numerous tier 1 gaming aggregators, bringing its proprietary Virtual Sports and Gaming products to their respective networks.

Leap intends to use the funds to significantly enhance its product portfolio, increasing the number of Virtual Sports titles and adding new features, like in-game betting. Yariv Lissauer, CEO of Leap Gaming said “Interest in our Virtual Sports titles has been phenomenal, and we are acting quickly to bring additional titles to our customers and end-users”.

Leap aims to bolster its development capabilities significantly in the current year, with an aim to nearly double its R&D headcount. The company will also add sales & marketing staff, to also accelerate its reach into land-based gaming operators globally.

FastForward CEO, Lorne Abony, commented, “I am delighted that we are invested in Leap Gaming, our largest investment to date.  We are excited with what we have seen the team accomplish so far. Their technology is transformational and is totally disruptive in gaming, with a massive opportunity to break into land-based markets. We’re excited to be working with the team to help make their vision a reality.”

Leap also plans to further grow its cross-platform integrations, enabling its games to be played across all platforms. Leap’s product-lines can be accessed digitally as well as physically, Lissauer commented “End-users love using Leap’s products on desktop and mobile and we have received tremendous feedback from land-based operators and their customers, who are delighted by the experience we provide. We intend to seize upon that opportunity to bring the Virtual experience to many more land-based operators”.

Commenting on the investment, Lissauer said “The investment from FastForward is a meaningful indicator of the positive momentum we have been building, we’re glad to be welcoming FastForward as a shareholder and partner and we look forward to significantly accelerating our growth.”

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