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Published on October 27, 2016

innova gaming groupDiamond Game to launch NexPlay™, a next-generation suite of self-service terminals, at the Conference

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, October 2, 2016 – INNOVA Gaming Group Inc. (“INNOVA” or the “Company“) (TSX: IGG), today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond Game Enterprises (“Diamond Game”), will unveil NexPlay™—a new suite of innovative lottery products—at the North American State and Provincial Lottery (“NASPL”) Conference October 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Conference is the largest lottery show in North America.


Leading the next wave of self-service player terminals, Diamond Game is excited to unveil NexPlay™, a new suite of products that combines all the benefits of traditional self-service sales and ticket checking with a modernized and more engaging interactive video display. Two new products in the suite will be shown: the NexPlay™ self-service terminal (“SST”) and the NexPlay™ enhanced ticket checker. The suite of products connects to our robust central system, a greatly enhanced system designed for lottery markets. The system facilitates many new, innovative features, as well as providing all of the features lotteries’ require from central system providers.

The NexPlay™ SST, via two large HD monitors, offers both draw and instant game sales, animated ticket checking, multi-game functionality, downloadable content, cashless payment options, age verification, and other robust responsible gaming features. And, of course, the NexPlay™ SST offers players the same engaging display of ticket results as Diamond Game’s popular LT-3 machines.

The NexPlay™ ticket checker provides lotteries with the next step in player activated ticket checking of instant and draw game tickets. The checker provides beautiful animated graphics on a large, touchscreen HD monitor which can be mounted on a wall, table, or pedestal. The checker’s video monitor, with download capabilities and an internet connection, also doubles as a dynamic in-store marketing tool.

The Company will also showcase its existing deployments of its LT-3 instant ticket vending machines, including Ontario, Missouri, Maryland, Quebec, Michigan and New Hampshire.

Lastly, Diamond Game will feature an Innovation Lab, where it will be showcasing several interactive games that the Company is offering in new partnerships with third party developers, including an interactive horse race game with Leap Gaming and interactive video scratch games with Telos Entertainment Inc.

“Diamond Game has invested significant resources over the past twelve months in technology and innovation. We are looking forward to sharing the results of these efforts with our lottery customers,” said Richard Weil, Chairman and CEO of INNOVA. “With our LT-3 product now approved in six jurisdictions in North America and over 2,000 terminals deployed, lottery organizations across the continent are realizing what a valuable addition the LT-3 can be to their product portfolio. I am also confident that every lottery organization will see value in our exciting new NexPlay™ suite of products.”

About INNOVA Gaming Group Inc.

INNOVA develops unique games and products for the global gaming industry, with particular focus on state and provincial lotteries. Through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond Game, INNOVA focuses on enhancing the revenues of government-sponsored lotteries and other regulated operators by offering its unique “extended play” products in traditional and non-traditional gaming venues. Its primary product is the LT-3, an instant ticket vending machine that dispenses tickets while simultaneously displaying the results of each ticket on a video monitor in an entertaining fashion. For more information, please visit www.innovagaminggroup.com.

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