With scheduled events throughout the day there’s always an available betting opportunity for true sports fans. From tennis, horse racing to football, the unique nature of virtual sports means you can lose yourself entirely in the action. Multiple betting opportunities and an ultra-realistic environment which will engage and immerse you. You may even forget that it’s virtual!

Be the hero in your own story. Instant virtual sporting events that put you firmly in control of the action. Choose from a selection of fully immersive virtual sports with multiple betting opportunities. In the races you can bet on the first place or second place winners or on a precise combination of both. On-demand means there’s always a race or event ready to start whenever you are!






Equip your shop with an ultimate sport betting experience. Scheduled events which are presented on terminal and central screens in parallel to kiosk/ mobile on-premise deployments where the experience is ordered on the fly, on demand. Versatile modes of integrations via stream/ broadcast and on-premise. All set-ups are modular and customised to the clients’ specific physical facilities.