Powered by Leap Gaming, “Lucky X” is a lottery game that combines the classic, well-loved draw-based numbers games with the thrill of live betting. Extremely quick betting cycles and seamless cross-device compatibility makes “Lucky X” a fast-paced, easy-to-play game to bring your clients all the excitement that comes with modern versions of lottery.

Multiple betting options:

  • Number betting:
    • Ball in first 6 draws
    • Bet on 1 up to 10 numbers (several types of bets, depending on how many numbers the bet is done for)
    • Selection of 1 up to 10 numbers within the system
  • Special betting:
    • The sum of first 6 numbers over/under 153
    • The color of first ball
    • First ball even/odd
    • First ball over/under 25.5
Release date:  24/12/2020
Game ID: 6002
RTP for single bets: 95%
RTP for system bets: 90%
Min bet: 0.1 Euro
Max bet: 500 Euro
Max exposure: 20,000 Euro
Game resolution:  1280*720
Mobile support: 1
Supported systems:
Jurisdictions non – MGA
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