Virtual Casino

Providing the look and feel of a real-life exclusive casino, our 3D casino applications enable you to take your virtual casino products to the next level. Our strict determination to innovate gives us the foundation to provide continuous improvements to our casino games and to deliver holistic experiences that are customized for each platform and supported by cutting edge technology.



Each of our American and European roulette games provide intuitive UX and 3D illustrations of the board, chips and wheel. The game was designed in consultation with gaming and casino experts to provide a smooth experience that gives the atmosphere of real-life VIP casino rooms. Text, narration and background sound are customizable according to individual operator's requirements.



The blackjack page is comprised of a control panel from which the player controls the game. The player selects the chips pile from which they places their bets, deal the cards etc. The player also selects the table where the 3 possible hands and the dealer cards are placed. Text, narration and background sound are available in various languages and forms.

Customized Lobby

The mobile app’s lobby is currently designed as a sports stadium VIP box and is the gateway to the casino games. The lobby contains 3D illustrations of guests sitting by casino tables which aid in drawing players into the atmosphere of the game. From the lobby the player can also access the cashier and setting pages.