Leap owns a proprietary interdisciplinary technology as a result of almost a decade of R&D work. Our technology provides a significant edge for our game generation applications. Our technology underlies a myriad of games in production and has been proven both resilient and robust under extremely pressing circumstances.


Our graphic engine was purposely created to support our virtual 3D applications and games, as such it provides and allows scalability, fast iterations, upgrades, customization and authentic real-time rendering.


On top of our graphic engine we also built our own GPA which produces the actual games and contests. The GPA includes image, audio and video modules, all wrapped in a flexible interface that gives our game designers freedom to release their creativity and develop best of breed realistic visuals. Our games embed real-life high resolution footage and motion captured data to quickly generate fresh visual content, and provide an ultra-realistic gaming experience.

Client Side

Engaging, consistent and responsive, our client design makes playing our games simple, easy and customized according to the platform on which the games are played (retail/desktop/mobile) . This translates into higher conversion metrics and more business for our operators. Our client is written in HTML 5 in order to not only make our games cross platform, but also to optimize customization and integration processes and to minimize time to market. Our GUI can be localized and adapted to accommodate language and style changes.