Who We Are


We started as developers and operators of desktop skill games. Nevertheless, over the last 5 years we have been investing heavily in our 3D production infrastructure (human capital as well as proprietary development tools, art and frameworks) in order to be able to position ourselves in the forefront of realistic 3D game development. As we have been serving a wide range of clients for many years, we know gaming operators' requirements around gaming experience, branding, implementation and compliance. It is our mission to accommodate these requirements attentively and rigorously.

Why Leap?

Leap is committed to excellence in these 4 MAJOR AREAS:

1. Visuals

Our 3D art team in comprised of the best talent out there. Our production methodologies take advantage of the ultimate in available technology in areas such as motion capture, animation, and modeling. Our rendering processes are performed using our proprietary graphic engine which allows unparalleled scalability options as well as endless and fast iterations.

2. Playability

We do our utmost to ensure ultimate realization in all of our games. In order to deliver outstanding results, we spend countless hours researching how our target games are played in reality before creating their virtual counterparts. The outcomes of this research are translated into design by our UX team and are developed into a wholesome product that embeds solid AI components and interacts with game engines that have been supporting successful gaming products for many years.

3. Integration

We know that operators are busy and need to focus their attention on engaging their clients rather than their suppliers. Therefore we work with exceptional partners who have served the industry successfully for many years and have developed best of breed APIs and processes for seamlessly integrating our gaming content into operators' systems.

4. One Stop Shop

We have various terms of engagement that are adaptable to an operator's specific requirements. We can deliver a full turnkey solution for every component of the game, visuals, and UI/only visuals. All of our content is deployable in retail, web, and/or mobile formats and can be quickly localized based on an operator's needs.

Responsible Gaming

Leap is A dedicated ambassador of responsible gaming. We abide by the following principles in all that we do:

1. Transparency

We have rules and policies for each product, all of these are written in a succinct and user-friendly manner with no "small print". We disclose all RTP principles. We also maintain a responsive and collaborative approach with regulators and partners.

2. Monitoring

We constantly monitor our products performance to ensure compliance with rules and policy as well as to detect anomalies related to user behaviour or machine functionalities.

3. Training

We periodically train our staff on up-to-date regulatory rules and policies, and have open round table discussions about relevant cases and trends within our industry.