Modular Engagement Terms

We offer various modes of engagement with our operators. Whether in need of a full turnkey solution that includes visual content, RNG, game engine, data feed and UI, or just some of these components, Leap is prepared to accommodate any operator’s needs. We gain a sense of pride in finding different sorts of flexible solutions that accommodate each individual operator’s needs and to thereby ensure a long-lasting and prosperous partnership.

Design & Development

Over the last 9 years we have gained invaluable experience in 3D mobile and desktop design and development in the gaming space. Should you require a partner in these domains, to work together on a brilliant and innovative idea, we'd be delighted to hear from you.


Cross-platform, or in its newer form "omni-channel," is the new buzz word in our industry; and rightfully so.
End users today expect nothing less than a state-of-the-art experience from every device they consume their content on, as well as a seamless and continuous transition from one platform to another. A commitment to providing a unique solution for every platform is ingrained in our creative processes and we offer a responsive design to optimize output for every device our applications run on. We believe optimized design leads to an optimized experience for end users, whether they play on retail PoS, online or on their mobile.

Customized Integration

LEAP very vividly recognizes that each and every one of our partners are unique and driven to serve the product that best suits their respective users all meanwhile also complying with local regulations and policies. Although we do offer a standardized “fits all” integration process, we are also very open to taking our partners’ customization requests and accommodating these requests quickly and seamlessly. Our modular and automated tech platforms are astutely designed to allow us to localize our products and change various graphical elements with a few clicks despite the fact our products consist of rich and intensive graphics that may otherwise be difficult to alter.