These days, Leap Gaming keeps the home fires burning by giving players something exciting to do while they’re stuck indoors. But we’re not in the business of producing rehashed cookie-cutter slots. Every game we bring to the market is one-of-a-kind, and our fast-paced, 3X5-reel, 25-payline Vampire Kiss slot is no different.

Using state-of-the-art technology, vivid graphics, and realistic animations, Vampire Kiss taps into the age-old fascination with vampire myths – tales of romance and desire that capture the imagination as the beautiful victim succumbs to the irresistible appeal of her handsome vampire slayer.

Also, Leap loves to reward players and break new ground with original, lucrative game features. This time, players benefit from the world’s first-ever Special Wild Multiplier that adds a multiplier to every spin and, on a 10-spin cycle, rewards the last spins with 10X for every wild.

Andreea Spiteri, Leap’s Customer Success Manager, adds that “some call them ‘children of the night,’ others ‘lost souls.’ Even though you may or may not be fascinated by old Transylvanian ghoul stories, you are sure to be caught in the mystic web of Leap’s latest release, Vampire Kiss slot. Featuring a special wild multiplier on every spin and real-life Gothic graphics, player engagement is assured. Another high standard release for a highly competitive market.”

Our partners receive an absorbing and rewarding game in true Leap style that will have players fall in love at first bite!