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LV BET Releases Leap Gaming’s Virtual Sports on Its Self Service Terminals

Leap Gaming, LV BET Press Release February 1st 2019

LV BET is pleased to announce that it has just released Leap Gaming’s virtual sports games on its proprietary self-service terminals in Poland. The release is a fruit of joint development work by both parties which is another outcome of the companies’ relationship, initiated in April 2017. It marks LV BET’s debut into the retail space with virtual sports and will add considerable value to the growing brand in Poland and beyond.

The new offering will include Leap’s entire virtuals portfolio, deployed on LV BET’s cutting-edge proprietary hardware and software technology. Striking a chord with generations who have grown up with realistic video game, and enabling virtual sports offer LV BET a reach variety of worldly betting choices to its customers via online and retail platforms alike.

LV BET Head of Sportsbook Operations Marcin Doszczeczko reflected the optimism about virtual sports in LV BET’s terminal, saying

“Virtual sports betting is one of the fastest growing markets, and offers potentially limitless growth opportunities. Our partnership with Leap for the online space has been fantastic so far and we look forward to replicate the experience also for retail, with our new state-of-the-art self-service terminals.”

Yariv Lissauer, LEAP Gaming’s Chief Exec., stated:

“Our partnership with LV BET is a meeting of 2 similar minds, driven by innovations which works. We are delighted to extend our partnership also for the retail space and allow our content to run on LV BET’s best-in-class self-service terminal. This combination of top content with top platform is very exciting for us and we trust it will provide solid and engaging experience to LV BET’s customers around the globe..”

The partnership once again underlines LV BET’s commitment to creating a premium product that delivers everything the discerning contemporary bettor wants in a sportsbook. The LV BET and Leap Gaming teams are currently working hard to ensure a smooth rollout of the new virtual sports betting products on the self-service terminals. First batch roll-out took place this week in Poland and customers can expect to see them available on the LV BET points of sale within the next few weeks.

About LV BET

LV BET is well-respected and thrilled sportsbook brand managed by very experienced and successful team of passionate people. Harnessing the power of the innovative BetConstruct odds feed, LV BET offers a comprehensive sportsbook, including everything from the full range of mainstream sports like English, European and American football, rugby, basketball, tennis, Formula 1, golf, and athletics to eSports like League of Legends and Counter-Strike:GO. LV BET runs several high-profile sports sponsorships, and is currently the main shirt sponsor of Wisla Krakow. – Press release 

Virtual Sports In The US

“We are excited about the future growth potential of virtual sports lottery games,” Pennsylvania Lottery spokesman Jeffrey Johnson told the newspaper. “The lottery’s mission is to grow sales and profits for older Pennsylvanians and, in order to grow sales responsibly, it is important for the lottery to continue to try new games that may appeal to new players.”

“Like any new things,” said Leap Gaming CEO Yariv Lissauer, “any new type of product — especially in an industry that has experienced a kind of rebirth — we need some patience to really measure and evaluate success.”