Experience the thrill of virtual racing and bet on your favorite events with Virtual Races!
Choose from Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, and NASCAR to indulge in the ultimate betting adventure. Immerse yourself in an exclusive virtual racing experience that perfectly replicates the excitement of real races.

Game ID: 5111
RTP Win 86.5%
RTP WIn including Bonus round 91.1%
RTP Place 86.5%
RTP Each Way (E/W) 86.5%
RTP Forecast 85%
RTP Reverse Forecast 85%
RTP Tricast 85%
RTP Combination Tricast 85%
RTP Winner number Even/Odd 91.5%
RTP Winner number 2-way 91.5%
RTP Winner number 4-Way (Horse racing and NASCAR for 12 participants) 90.5%
RTP Top 3 total number Under/Over 91,5%
Mobile support 1
Supported systems:
Jurisdictions: BG, CO, GR, UK, RO

Game Highlights:

  • Engaging Virtual Racing Events: Experience the thrill of virtual racing events and immerse yourself in the excitement of the game.
  • Available round-the-clock, 24/7 with a race kicking off every single minute!
  • Diverse Race Options: an exclusive betting experience that closely mirrors the format of real races, offering an authentic and thrilling gambling opportunity for several races Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, and NASCAR branded Racing.
  • Bonus Round with Wheel of Fortune: Each race type features a special bonus round, where a wheel of fortune determines unique multipliers for “Win” bets. so you can boost your winnings with exciting multipliers such as 1.25X, 1.5X, 1.75X, 2X, 2.25X, and 2.5X.
  • Highly realistic graphics, including prestigious NASCAR races.
  • A wide range of single and multiple bets available: Win, Place, E/W, Forecst, Tricast and more.
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