Gangstar is an adult-themed game set in the late 1980’s which boasts a vibrant and colorful design style, the games urban setting serves as a homage to the ghettos of the late 80’s sprawling metropolises. Join the GANGSTARS and fight it out on these mean streets to become top dog!
The whole imagery of this game has a unique, lively twist which boasts a colorful aesthetic which is complimented with some truly cutting-edge animations for a slick, super smooth game flow. The overall game remains optimistic throughout despite the harshness of the theme keeping the game upbeat and super positive.
The game is full of cash prizes, as this is the ultimate goal of the game characters and players alike, to hit it rich to become a real GANGSTAR. Together with the rich tapestry of on trend game features this game boasts, GANGSTAR will make for an unforgettable gaming experience, that you won’t want to stop playing.

Game ID 3015
Release date 01/11/2021
Paylines 20
Reel size 5×3
RTP 96.05 %
Min bet 0.10
Max bet 40.00
Max exposure 5000 x max bet
Bet levels 12
Hit frequency rate 20%
Game resolution 1280*720, 720×1280
Bonus Features Free Spins, “Mystery Win” feature, “Drive by Shooting” Bonus
Mobile support
Certification House  TriSigma, SIQ
Jurisdictions ALD,DK, GIB, IoM, IT, LT, MGA, UK, SE, RO


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