We offer an instant Greyhounds race betting experience, for your punters to enjoy anytime, as if it was real. Accessible from everywhere, at the bettors convenience, the perfect race environment we’re introducing presents beautifully rendered 3D greyhounds, and offers various fast-paced betting options, all for your clients’ fun!


  • 6 greyhounds running on hyper realistic race course
  • Free Bonus Round – awarded after collecting 6 Medals.
  • Option to Skip and Rebet as well as Rebet*2 buttons
  • Customisable UI to meet your brand’s requirements.
  • On-Demand: Each race starts once a bet is placed and the game will begin exclusively for you. Each game is generated uniquely per player.
Game ID 5071
RTP Win – The race winner who finishes 1st 86.5 %
RTP Place – Betting on whether a racer will finish 1st, 2nd 86.5 %
RTP Forecast – Predicting the exact order of the winner & 2nd place 85 %
RTP Winner number: Even/Odd 91.5 %
RTP Winner number 2-Way 91.5 %
RTP Winner number 3-Way 90.5 %
RTP Top 3 total number Under/Over 90.5 %
Mobile support 1
Supported systems:
Certified in: United Kingdom
Certification house: SIQ
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