LEAP is bringing you a One of Its Kind Basketball experience, introducing the official EuroLeague Instant Legends. Featuring real-life footage from the greatest, unforgettable EuroLeague match-ups between the greatest clubs of the continent, this product takes virtual sports experience to a whole new level.

Product highlights:

  • Featuring real-life, top 14 EuroLeague teams of all times
  • Game visuals are based on thousands of real-life videos from past EuroLeague match ups creating the most realistic and exciting basketball simulation out there
  • Choose your own matchup, place bets and start playing immediately on-demand
  • State-of-the-art user interfaces, customized to all web-enabling devices (mobile and desktop)


  • Moneylines: full time and half-time
  • Handicaps: Full time (5 options) and Halftime
  • Under/Over: Full time (5 options), Halftime, Each team
  • Odd/Even: Fulltime, Each team, Winning margins
Game ID: 5011
Release date 01/02/2021
Team Total Even/Odd RTP: 95 %
Total Game Even/Odd RTP: 95%
Handicap Full-time Game-winner RTP 94%
Moneyline Full-time Game-winner RTP 93.5%
Under/Over (U/O) Full-time RTP 94%
Winning Margin RTP 91%
Half-time Handicap RTP 94%
Under/Over (U/O) Team total (Away) RTP 95%
Under/Over (U/O) Team total (Home) RTP 95%
Under/Over (U/O) Halftime RTP 94%
Min Bet: 0.1 Euro
Max Bet: 500 Euro
Max Exposure: 3K Euro
Game resolution: 1280*720, 720x1280
Mobile support:
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